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Super Foods

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Super Foods

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Available in packs of 200g, 500g and 1kg

Chia Meal 200g 

Chia Seeds 200g 

Raw Cacao Powder 200g 

Raw Cacao Butter 200g 

Raw Cacao Paste 200g 

Raw Cacao Nibs 200g 

Raw Cacao Beans 200g 

Mesquite Powder 200g

Hemp Protein Powder 200g 

Hemp Seed Hulled 200g 

Trail Mix 200g 

Baobab Powder 200g

Lucuma 200g 

CumaCuma 100g 

Superfoods shake 200g 

Green foods shake 200g 

Spirulina Powder 200g 

Spirulina Capsules (200 capsules) 100g 


Prices subject to increase without prior notification.