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No AHA’s. AHAs dissolve the cement that holds cells together and cause the outer layers of the skin to peel off. his is to support claims of wrinkle reduction.

The skin will immediately try to maintain a healthy skin thickness by accelerating the rate of division of the basal cells. The same process produces a callous.
Each basal cell can only replicate about 60 times (the Hayflick limit). Once enough basal cells reach the limit the skin starts to get thinner and more prone to sun damage, wrinkles and attack by pathogens.
AHAs accelerate the rate of basal cell division and hence accelerate the ageing process.
By removing the outer layer of the skin, AHAs also increase the likelihood of sun damage. This outer layer is the skin’s first line of defense against UV damage. No animal testing – Many people think that animal testing is a thing of the past. Unfortunately animal testing is alive and well, especially in the US where it is often required by law. Neither our raw materials nor the finished product are tested on animals.
What does Esse test on? Esse uses laboratory tests that measure the rate of oxidation of the natural oils used, a range of bacteriological assays and preservative efficacy tests and stability tests. Skin sensitivity and efficacy tests are conducted on human volunteers. The tests on human volunteers are mediated by the Medical University of South Africa.No animal products – this is a concern for many religious groups and the cosmetics industry has a reputation for sourcing these ingredients unethically. Sometimes it is also a question of personal preference. As an example, hyaluronic acid used to be sourced from cow placenta and umbilical cord. Most people would prefer not to put these products on their skin.
No parabens – They disrupt hormones and they have also been detected in breast cancer tissue. There is also strong evidence that they accelerate ageing in skin cells.No synthetic fragrance – usually listed as parfum or just fragrance – this is often the cause of dermatological reactions. Parfum or fragrance often contains pthalates. These are very strong hormone disrupting agents.No ethoxylated ingredients – these are PEG and …-eth ingredients. These release 1,4-dioxane, a potent carcinogen, over the course of the product’s shelf life.No synthetic colourants – this is just an unnecessary risk. No sulphated surfactants – these are irritants even at low concentrations.No petrochemicals – We don’t feel that these ingredients are beneficial to skin and Esse does not wish to support the petrochemical industry.No propylene glycol – a major component of glycerine soaps; it is an irritant and is very readily absorbed by the skin. It is often used in moisturisers to get petrochemicals to absorb. It has been shown to depress the central nervous system.


Light Moisturiser 50ml pot 
Deep Moisturiser 50ml pot 
Rich Moisturiser 50ml pot 
Ultra Moisturiser 50ml pot 

Omega Moisturisers

Omega Light 5 x 10ml Tubs
Omega Deep 5 x 10ml Tubs

Specialised Treatment

Eye and Lip 15ml pump 
Serum 15ml pump 
Repair Oil 15ml pump 
Lip Conditioner 10ml tube


Gel Cleanser 100ml pump 
Gel Cleanser 200ml pump
Cream Cleanser 100ml pump 
Cream Cleanser 200ml pump 
Eye Makeup Remover 100ml pump 

Refining Cleanser 100 tube


Toner 100ml spritz 

Toner Plus 100ml spritz


Cream Mask 50ml pot 
Clay Mask 50ml pot


Cocoa Exfoliator 50ml pot 
Microderm Exfoliator 50ml pot 

Body Care

Light Body Moisturiser 100ml pump 
Light Body Moisturiser 200ml pump 
Rich Body Moisturiser 100ml pump 
Rich Body Moisturiser 200ml pump 
Body Oil 100ml pump 
Hand Cream 50ml tube 

Trial packs

Combination Skin 5 X 10ml tubs 
Sensitive Skin 5 X 10ml tubs

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