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Butter, Eggs and Sweeteners

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Organic Eggs

Organic Eggs are eggs that are produced by birds that are permitted to roam freely within a farmyard, shed or chicken coop and are fed with an organic feed – the organic feed must be grown by certified organic farmers; the crop must be free of genetically modified organisms


Butter – Available in blocks of 250g block  – Naturally fermented Organic Cream and Himalayan salt only.



Coconut Blosson sugar 350g 
Coconut Blosson sugar 750g 
Raw Golden Brown Sugar 1kg 
Xylitol 500g
Honey Creamed – raw unheated unfiltered, non-irradiated 500g 
Honey Raw – raw unheated unfiltered, non-irradiated 500g 



All prices subject to change without prior notification